Company Profile:
NEW YORK EYE ® is a premiere resource of eyewear to the optical industry. Since opening our doors in 1978, we've grown to provide over 2.7 million eyeglass frames each year. In addition to being a provider to over 10,000 ophthalmic professionals, the company services the needs of many large and middle sized optical chains, as well as being perhaps the largest provider to federal and state government contract programs. Our export division has shipped millions of frames to over fifty countries worldwide.
NEW YORK EYE ® is positioned as a leader in licensed brands, as well as a value-oriented eyewear product company. For nearly three decades, our main focus has been to offer a combination of well-made product with great quality that is styled right to meet the needs of the majority of eyewear consumers today.

After turning heads for over 40 years... We're now inspiring quite a few double takes with spirited, proven brand collections that speak to the eyes and sensibilities of even the most discerning customer.

Marie Claire Paris® Eyewear :
Introducing The Marie Claire Paris Eyewear Collection

Designed in collaboration with the editors at Marie Claire, this all-new collection encompasses an array of fashion-forward frames. Unique and chic, each pair is dedicated to the stylish, successful, and confident woman seeking a certain je ne sais quoi.

Esquire® Eyewear :

The Esquire Eyewear Collection was designed in collaboration with the experts at Esquire magazine and encompasses a broad range of styles and materials to serve the many different aesthetic tastes of today’s modern man. Featuring the right blend of classic and contemporary, new and traditional, the expected and the exploratory, this collection delivers the extra 10% with substance and style.

Ernest Hemingway Eyewear is a vintage-inspired roundup of retro zyls in rich tortoises and classic colors, as well as blue, green, yellow and pink; expertly-crafted metal-zyl combinations; and retro round metals in sought-after shapes such as luxurious cat eyes and 1950s-inspired looks. Many of the styles have temple and front hinge plaques and/or rivet designs. A companion hard metal case with faux distressed leather and signature plaque will round out the classic look of this American icon’s branding.

The collection has a broad appeal to three generations of consumers, including the younger generation who is drawn to the hip, retro styling, today’s more youthful but mature generation who is increasingly style conscious, and the older customer who has longed for years for a redux of comfortable, larger, and deeper shapes.

The ultimate accessory to accompany this season’s retro stylings, Hemingway eyewear reflects a beckoning back to true Americana and the author’s adventurous and romantic way of life. Hemingway was a true American original, with a signature style all his own. Men and women who identify with the multi-faceted aspects of this iconic celebrity’s legendary lifestyle will most definitely see themselves in this collection.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.™:
Dale Jr.™ brand eyewear reflects the style of this third-generation member of race royalty. The collection has the cool look of spirited all-American style and work hard/play hard sensibilities rooted in the groove of its namesake. Fresh aerodynamic contours blending performance and style round out the collection.
Joan Collins®:
Distinctively feminine and elegant to appeal to the stylish mature woman.
Valerie Spencer®:
Designed for the cultured tastes of the professional contemporary, Valerie Spencer embodies a refined aesthetic in women's eyewear.
Marc Hunter®:
Retro-inspired styling and fine craftsmanship make this collection the accessory of the well-dressed male professional.
An unscripted blend of styles to perfectly outfit a wide myriad of identities.
Something for everyone in the family: featuring traditional and contemporary shapes, styling and colors.
Looking Glass®:
A combination of comfort, style, and durability creates a portfolio of moderately priced eyewear without equal.
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